Thursday, June 21, 2012

*PRE-SALE* War of the Seasons, book 2: The Half-blood

  "Spring has something of mine; he knows what it is." She smiled coldly. "I need you to bring it to me." "And why would I do that?" Story folded her arms over her chest. A branch from the sidhe's hair glided out in front of her, bearing a single, small acorn. "Because I poisoned Eírnin." One of the tattoos on her shoulder coalesced into a live oak leaf, and she plucked it before standing up and holding it out toward Story. "And if you want the antidote, you will bring me what I seek." Story lunged for the leaf, but the Autumn Princess was too quick and crushed it in her hand. "You have until winter's first frost reaches him. Then, he dies." Without waiting for a response, Metirreonn disappeared in a scattering of red-gold leaves and sparks.   Six months after arriving in the world of Ailionora, Story finds herself once again on a quest; only this time it is not to save a dying race but the life of the elf she loves. Along the way, she must face the consequences of her previous choices and battle with enemies both old and new while she races against time. "Engagingly demonstrates that readers of all ages can get drawn into a world of magic and adventure." — Karen Lyon, The Hill Rag

War of the Seasons, Book Two: The Half-blood **PRE-SALE**

For a limited time only, pre-order the book for only $12.99! Every book will be signed – please state if you want it personalized (and with what name) in the special instructions to the seller when you purchase. Each book is $12.99, and there i [...]

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