Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BaltiCon wrap up & a preview of the Half-Blood is available

Whew, has it already been over a week since BaltiCon? I suppose it has! I would ask where the time goes, but I know where it does: my family, the Marine Corps, and all the million other little things that take up time in our days. Oh, and you know, I did see Avengers in the theatre. Again. Okay, 3 times. What? It was really good! I've got to admit I'm having to restrain myself from writing an Avengers fanfic that's been rolling around in my head for the past few weeks. Trust me, it's EPIC. But I need to focus on my own original stories. Speaking of which, in case you missed it, Songs of the Seasons: White Flag is now out. It's a short story that takes place in the War of the Seasons universe and is the back story of a few of the side characters. Also, it's got the exclusive preview for my next novel, due out later this month, War of the Seasons, book 2: The Half-blood, sequel to the best selling War of the Seasons, book 1: The Human. You can buy it from Amazon here and from Barnes & Noble here. Bestselling, you ask? Why yes! Last week, thanks to all of you and your fantastic "word spreading" to all your friends and family about War of the Seasons, The Human - was the #3 downloaded YA Fantasy kindle book on Amazon (it was #8 in general fantasy) for a couple days. It dropped off on Friday, but I don't care. It was a bestseller, and that was a dream come true! A dream you all helped me achieve, so thank you. And hey, if you want to help some more, I'd love to see your reviews on goodreads, amazon, and well, pretty much anywhere you can think to post them! Now bac [...]

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