Tuesday, July 17, 2012

June in Review, and a fashion post

1/2 way through July already *sigh* I feel so behind on everything! WRITING: I wrote nothing new in june, but did a lot of work on releasing The Half-blood (along with Kelli, my editor and Betsy, my artist). In case you missed it, you can get a signed copy from my website, from amazon , or a kindle version, and of course a nook version. Also, The Human made it to bestseller status on Kindle! At the beginning of June, it made it to #3 on YA Fantasy (topped only by The Hunger Games & Catching fire), #8 on Fantasy overall (topped only by Game of Thrones & Sookie Stackhouse), & I cracked the top 100 in kindle books overall. Hobbies: -Running- June was a rough month for training, though I did run at a least once or twice a week all month. Also, I had my annual physical fitness test & I did pretty good. 289 out of 300 possible points. [...]

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