Monday, April 23, 2012

RavenCon wrap up

Last weekend I was a guest at RavenCon for the second time - the first time being a few years ago where I was a costuming guest. It was wonderful to come back to RavenCon, and the best part was how many people remembered me from my costuming days. :) I was touched. I was on several fun panels this time around too - and of course I forgot to write down the ones I was on, so I'll do my best to remember them here (though I'm certain I'll forget one): trends in costuming (moderated by the always entertaining James Fulbright) was a lot of fun - I think we decided that fairy tales were the next big costuming wave to come, that steam punk was on its downslide, and that Doctor Who was in it's heyday. Another great panel I was on was Professional Self-Publishing. I learned so much from my fellow panelists, and hopefully changed some minds/attitudes about self-publishing along the way... and given that I received this email shortly after returning from RavenCon, I know that we changed at least one mind. :) Thank you for introducing your beautiful book at RavenCon this last weekend! Wowza! I USED TO BE one of those "annoyed with the lo quality of self-pubed material" readers but I am absolutely blown away with the craftsmanship that went into creating War of the Seasons. You and your work have made it OK for us readers to start exploring the newer reading materials that are coming out. I see you and your work as a trailblazer and a Quality Standards Setter for the future. I had the opportunity to learn a lot from you this weekend, and thanks for turning my expectations around. Another fun panel I was on was the Military Sci-Fi panel (that one is ALWAYS fun!) - looks like there's a definite audience (at least a [...]

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