Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MidSouthCon wrap up

Whew, yeah I know MidSouthCon was over a week ago, but what can I say? Work has been nuts. Between my new job, moving (and all that entails), finishing up a bunch of writing projects (while others stare at me waiting to to be started/completed), and of course, I, like an idiot ran two races last weekend (in my defense they were FUN! Though my legs are killing me now). If you want a full report on the races you can read my awesome husband's running blog. Also I started a Pinterest account, so feel free to add me there. And if you're on 365project.org, I've got a project there too (yes I know I'm behind - I'll be catching up shortly). But I'm assuming you didn't come here for a running report, social media updates, or a list of HOW BUSY I AM (woe is me, *single tear*), and so I give you... MIDSOUTHCON!, a wrap up. I'd never been to MidSouthCon before AND as far as I knew going into it, my only friend was Mike Stackpole - but that was OK. I like Mike. :) Lucky me though, turns out there were loads of people from other southern conventions that I've seen around (I'm looking at YOU Ink Monkey press, Geek Media Expo, and John G. Hartness), AND I made several new friends (hello John Jackson Miller, Joe Corroney, and Nicki and Lin Workman). Oh, and met a long time online friend, Jedi Trace, for the FIRST TIME EVER! :D Me & the GMX crew - I love these guys [...]

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