Sunday, May 6, 2012

Checking in...

HOW IS IT MAY ALREADY??? So, life has been hectic. Aside from loads of travel (which I do for both of my careers, Marine and Author) we also moved this month, and things have just been crazy (I'm hopelessly behind on my email). April Update... Here goes! WRITING: The Audio book for the human is done & I found a distributor! WEEEE! Now If I could only find the time to actually DO all the things I need to do for it. I honestly haven't done anything else re: writing. I simply haven't had the time - my Marine & family needs (along with the move) have sucked up most of my available time. Honestly, if running wasn't currently a part of my job I don't know when I'd find the time to do it! Hobbies: What are hobbies? ;) -Running- One race this month - the GW Parkway classic. It was lovely, and while I didn't PR, I still had a good race. Ron posted fully about it on his blog (We ran another race this weekend and it was a brutal 1/2 marathon. Don't know if I'll be able to walk properly tomorrow). As far as my training, I've honestly been slacking. I'm lucky if I get two runs in a week & it shows! I need to get better about that. Marathon training officially kicks off on the 15th - WOOHOO! -Books read (something it seems I now only have time to do while I travel): I read the sequel to a friend's book about nerdy, not good looking, not svelte/thin/muscular vampires that are the good guys. It was hilarious, super fast & fun, and I highly recommend it. Plus it's called A Hard Day's Knight, and reference to a Beatle's song? WIN. Back in Black - so fun! I finally read [...]

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