Sunday, March 4, 2012

StellarCom 2012 Wrap-up

My, I've gotten younger and cuter... Attending StellarCon as an invited guest was instead of a paying attendee was both surreal and a bit like coming full circle. Eight years ago when my husband and I were stationed in Eastern North Carolina I'd first heard about StellarCon from my friend, Podcasting's Rich Sigfrit. When I looked online at the guest list I became ridiculously excited: Aaron Allston, Michael Stackpole, and Timothy Zahn, my 3 FAVORITE Star Wars authors, were going to be there! That was it, we were going - I packed up all my Allston/Stackpole/Zahn books in a suitcase (I had a LOT), dug out my Jedi costume, and Ron, Rich, & I piled into our car. Like the the fan girl I was I went absolutely joyful/crazy upon meeting these three men, who had kept me entertained in my teens and early twenties, and in some part, the X-Wing books had given my my initial love for flying. This weekend was also when we were first introduced to the 501st, the largest Star Wars costuming fan club - a club we joined later that year. Little did I know that in the course of that weekend I would forge lasting friendships with Aaron, Mike, Tim, and the many members of the Carolina Garrison in the 501st (that weekend specifically, Cheralyn Lambeth, Chris Burnside, and Todd Lacey). Here I am meeting Tim Zahn for the first time, 8 years ago. I went on to win first prize in the costume contest that night - my very FIRST costume contest! So to come back eight years later as a guest author and find myself on a pan [...]

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