Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's in a name? pt. 2

In my quest to delay actually starting on the final draft of my most recent novel, I give you a blog post. Last year I received many questions about my last name, Spendlove, so I went into that (it happens to be my maiden name) along with why people choose pen names in this post. Now I'm going to talk a bit about novel names, or more specifically why I just changed the name of my second novel in the War of the Seasons series from The Hunter to The Half-blood. I had been debating swapping book titles between book two and book three for a while once it became clear that book two was not as focused on The Hunter as I'd previously thought it would be. *Caution* Mild spoilers for books two and three from here on out. When I originally came up with names for the books, I decided on "The Hunter" for book two, because it was supposed to be about saving the Hunter. I decided on The Half-Blood for book three because it was supposed to be about saving the Half-bood. I chose The Human for book one because it started with an H and sounded nice with the other two book titles. I do like alliteration, just in case you hadn't figured that out yet. ;) After writing The Hunter I realized swapping titles might be appropriate. The Human is in reference not just to Story but to what the story needs - a human/someone from another world. Essentially everyone is after the human, and the human, or rather, "other-worlder" is the focal point of the story. In book 2, the half-bood, NOT the hunter, is actually the focal point of the story. The same could be said about book three, the focal point is actually the hunter, NOT the half-blood. My only hesitation in swapping the titles was that for the past 9 months I've been talking about Book 2: The Hunter. But really, that's a small thing, and the tit [...]

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