Monday, February 20, 2012

ShevaCon 2012 wrap-up

New blog post: ShevaCon 2012 wrap-up

I give you my fangirl moment of the weekend: Timothy Zahn (author of Heir to the Empire and several other Star Wars novels), me, and Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy).

This past weekend was mine and Ron's 11th anniversary and it also happened that I was scheduled to be a writer guest at ShevaCon, in Roanoke, VA. So for us, it ended up being a fun weekend away where we got to celebrate 11 wonderful years together and make many new friends in the process.

This was the first time either of us had ever attended ShevaCon, but we're very glad we did. The staff bent over backwards to ensure the comfort and needs of each guest and attendee were met. I know the convention had designated "guests of honor," but to be honest, it felt like we were ALL guests of honor. :)

The beautiful Hotel Roanoke where the convention was held.

My books for sale (and yes that is my handsome husband in the background). The CW5 sponsored the con & gave us all fantastic lanyards for our badges too.

Yes, Ron's badge says "Alexander McFrumplepuff" (of the Boston, McFrumpluepuffs). How I love this man!

During the opening ceremonies Jeremy Bulloch was arrested by the Mando Mercs... Eek! But he took it in good humor, and I heard they took him out for dinner.

Our lovely mistress of ceremonies.

I was on SEVERAL panels this weekend (I think my final tally was 10 - it would have been 11, but we were chased away by snow). A few were on costuming, but most were on various writing subjects, and one was a writer's workshop that Allen Wold invited me to assist him with. My fellow panelists (and in many cases, friends) throughout the convention were: David Bartell, Jim Bernheimer, Elaine Corvidae, Betty Cross, Tera Fulbright, Katherine Kurtz, Gail Z. Martin, Mike McPhail, Robin Sullivan, and Steve White. They're all VERY talented I highly recommend you check out their work.

During one panel I was graced with Tim & Anna Zahn attending in the audience. *NO PRESSURE* ;)

But I was ready for anything...

For me, one of the most squeeworthy moments of the con was the Anti-hero panel, which I was the Moderator for, and who would sit beside me, but Jeremy Bulloch. I couldn't help but point at him and stage whisper to the audience "You guys... YOU GUYS! Boba Fett is sitting next to me! Someone quick take a picture." I don't think anyone took a picture, but the panel went very well, and afterwards, as Ron & I were packing up and saying our goodbyes, Jeremy's lovely wife approached me and said that Jeremy wanted a picture with me, and would I mind? Would I mind??? Let me think about THAT one for a second! Um, NO! I did not mind in the least, and I got my picture Jeremy, and as you saw at the start of the post, Tim jumped in the photo and I got to be the happiest Star Wars fangirl EVER!

One great discovery Ron & I made this weekend was the art of Stephen Burks & the rest of Iconograph Studios. Seriously, these guys are awesome - check them out!

We brought home some great "recruitment posters" by Stephen. You can see the Green Lantern one he did next to the Wonder Woman print on our wall by Mark dos Santos.

Stephen's art was so fantastic that Tim Zahn commissioned a Mara Jade original from him!

My other neighbor was another artist, Travis Surber who does a very entertaining geek/southern culture web comic. He graciously gifted me a copy of his book.

Of course one of my favorite parts of every con is seeing all the wonderful geeky shirts and costumes on display by the fans:


It's bigger on the inside.

A lovely Mando.

My favorite Mando, Todd B. Lacey, one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Even Mandalorians read The Human. :D

I swear I'm not a Zombie!

Tera Fulbright giving a panel on Steam Punk costuming with a lovely attendee graciously acting as a model.

Gotta love that hat!

Winners of the Costume Contest.

Little Thor!

Little Vader already choking people...

The Zahns, the Spendloves, and the Bullochs.

Then the snow chased us away and our convention was cut short. BOO! :(

That said, I can't wait for next year! Thanks to all the staff, guests, and attendees for making my first ShevaCon an absolute blast!


  1. Glad you had fun!

    And yeah, we didn't see any signs of infection so you don't have to worry about us Umbrella Corp forces...Not yet anyways....