A couple of things before I get into my fashion post. First off, you know I like to run right? No? Well, I do. If you want a full report on the races I run you can read my awesome husband's running blog, RonRunsDisney.com. Also, I just did a guest post on it (the latter 1/2 of the most recent post in italics - it's all about running gear) so go check it out!

Yes, I know I still owe you a RavenCon wrap up.. it's coming, I promise.

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As for War of the Seasons, book 2: The Half-Blood, it's off with my editor, as is Songs of the Seasons, song 2: White Flag. So look for them respectively in June and May.

Now, how about a Thrifty fashion post? Now for a bit of Vintage, Butterflies, and Flowers! :)

You might be asking yourself (because I know I'm certainly asking myself), why the heck is this author/Marine/mother/wife writing a fashion blog? Aren't there like a bajillion fashion blogs out there? Why do we need another?

We probably don't, and I don't think I'm a fashionista at all, but apparently some of my friends and family do, and they asked me to do one, soooo... I figured this would be kind of fun to do. So there.

You can see my first post HERE, where I go into the basics of my style & kind of what my shopping "motto" is (never pay full price for anything), and that patience is a virtue (wait 3 years to find a specific pair of $250 Fluevog shoes for $40? Why yes I did...)


Butterflies, Vintage, and Flowers
Special Agenda? Casual Friday on the Hill, though I don't generally go too casual - a pretty shirt dress works for me.

Blue/Green wool vintage coat, $10 (Thrift Store)
Anthropologie Butterfly shirt dress, $40 (in store clearance)
Banana Republic Cardigan, $10 (in store clearance)
Banana Republic flowered scarf, $7 (in store sale)
Banana Republic brown tights, $5 (in store sale)
Green Gianni Bini ballet flats, $15 (end of season clearance)
Blue Penny Blossom from BrightCopperPenny, $7.50, (http://www.etsy.com/shop/BrightCopperPenny)
Total: $94.50. At full price would have been: approx $492.50.

Notes: This is one of those times where patience is a virtue... I'd been eyeballing this dress at Anthropologie for months, but was unwilling to pay the $150+ price for it. Then right before Christmas it went on clearance and then a friend texted me that Anthropologie was having a 50% off all clearance items sale... MY DRESS! I brought it (and many other items) home with me, all for less than the cost of the original dress. YAY!

Most of these picture were taken by my lovely friend Sara.

And now for my guest blogger, my dear friend Jen, who I mentioned in my first post as one of my fashion inspirations. If I have any sense of style I can point my finger squarely at her!

Everyday Vintage, by Jen

Wed Feb 22
5C (41F) to -2C (28F)

Any Special Agenda? No, just the Usual. (The Usual Agenda is work in the form of reading/computer-stuff at home, chores, sewing, and a couple outside errands.)

Light Blue Sweater, 1950s, no maker given, $42.
Blue and Red Plaid Wool Blend Skirt, 1960s, no maker given, $18.
Navy Button Ribbed Socks, contemporary, Sock Dreams, $16.
Floral Bow Cuff Bracelet, contemporary, made by BoopyDoodle, gift.

Notes: I splurged a little on the blue sweater. It has a couple features that are a bit hard to find in vintage tops: you don't have to iron it, it's not super-short, nor does it need to be tucked in. The socks are also a luxury, but since I wear skirts and dresses through the winter I want to have warm yet interesting legs.


And since this is a writer's blog, here are a couple handy link/blog posts I've come across or had pointed my way:
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Lastly, need a copy of my books? As it happens you can buy them here.