Friday, September 28, 2012

Dragon*Con, Thrifty Fashion, & I have an audio book!

Oh hey, GUESS WHAT? War of the Seasons: the Human has an AUDIOBOOK version! And it's read by the amazing, wonderful, talented, Patricia Albrecht! So if you like audio books, here you go!
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As I'm sure you can see from the header photo, Dragon*Con is one of those few conventions where the costuming side of me still comes out to play. Normally at cons now, I throw on a geek tshirt, tardis earrings, and go do my thing. Occasionally I'll put a costume on if asked to (i.e., I was asked to dress like a queen for a chess game at GMX last october), but other than that... well, I'm in "civilian" attire. A few people have asked me why, and I feel like I can't really answer it safely - I don't want to offend anyone, or have anyone think I think less of them if they've made different choices, but the short version is, I want people to remember my books, not my costumes. Most of the times I'm at these conventions as an author guest, not as a costume guest (that said, I do try to dress up if I have time to change for a costume panel), and I've noticed it throws some people off if I show up in costume, or people don't take me seriously, or, like I said, they focus on the costume & not my writing. Or the worst of all (but also good in some ways?): my costume is so good that people don't recognize me. Soooo, yes, I tend to stay away from costumes these days at conventions, unless there is an appropriate time for me to bust one out (i.e., if I don't have a panel in the evening, I generally will). At anyrate, Dragon*Con is a convention [...]

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