Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where to find me at Dragon*Con

Where you can find me at Dragon*Con 2011: Saturday: Kaleidoscope Track Idol (I'm a judge), Sat 4 PM, Track room. Sunday From 5-7 we'll be at the Kaleidoscope Track Character Meet & Greet. Ron & I are both characters - hopefully the kids approve! Monday: I have my one and only panel on this day - so be there! It's at 1pm in the YA Lit track room and it's on Self-Publishing VS Traditional Publishing, the good, the bad, & the ugly. *At some point during the weekend I intend to catch one of Mike Stackpole's and Aaron Allston's writer workshops. *I also intend to get Kate Mulgrew's autograph. I've been wanting to meet this woman for years! Capt Janeway has been a HUGE inspiration to me. **When I'm not at a panel, I'll be at the Hyatt manning the HPEF/Asciendo table. I've been invited to attend Asciendo as an author guest July 2012, and because I was unable to get a dealer or author table at D*C this year, HPEF/Asciendo has graciously allowed me to help man their table & put out postcards/advertisements for War of the Seasons. I will not be able to sell books at the table but I can sign books already purchased, and of course, I can deliver books that have already been purchased ahead of time on my website, or on, or any bookstore. Money just cannot be exchanged at the table. And don't forget to enter the Goodreads giveaway for my book!