Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Digital Revolution

A couple of interesting things I've come across in the last month, some to do with self-publishing & some to do with eBooks sales: eBook Sales have tripled in the last year. - Which is fantastic news for all authors - well, those of us who have embraced going digital. For those who haven't, well, eventually a tipping point will come... and they'll be left playing serious catch up. I also have to agree with what Mike Stackpole later said in a recent blog post: Trade Publishers: By clinging to the traditional distribution model, they have fallen seriously behind the curve. Their suppliers (authors) and their true customers (readers) realize they don't need them anymore. The idea that they serve as gatekeepers has fallen to the wayside and has been replaced by free sample chapters so readers can make their own decisions. The "legitimacy" offered by Trade Publishers has also vanished because they've turned around and offered contracts to self-published digital stars so the traditional publishers won't seem so terribly out of touch. It's akin to some segregated country club electing an African-American club president so it can seem that they're not still mired in the past. That doesn't mean th e writers aren't good, it just means that Traditional Publishing's crown is seriously tarnished. Traditional publishers lack the money, personnel, vision and drive to become players in the digital market. There is no way they are going to move it in a different direction. Mike has been preaching the digital revolution for years and years - he saw this coming & no one would listen at first. Or rather, [...]

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